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Singapore Emcee Ram with Background

Introducing Ram, a multifaceted professional with an impressive career as an emcee, voiceover artist, and trainer. Ram has dedicated his life to honing his craft in the communication industry, and his diverse experiences have helped him to become an expert in his field.

Ram is a sought-after emcee with over a decade of experience in Singapore. His charming personality, engaging hosting style, and deep, commanding voice have made him a hit at a wide range of events, from corporate functions to weddings and parties. His ability to connect with audiences and create a fun and memorable experience has cemented his place as one of the top emcees in Singapore. He has competed and reached the Top 4 finalists in MediaCorp Radio Star 2017.

In addition to his work as a trainer and emcee, Ram is also a skilled voiceover artist. He has lent his voice to a variety of projects, including commercials, corporate videos, and animated films, showcasing his versatility and ability to bring any script to life.

Ram is also a full-time sales trainer, and has won Silver for the category of Trainer for CCAS 2023, Ram imparts his expertise in communication and presentation skills to a new generation of trainees. His experience as a product trainer has allowed him to cultivate a deep understanding of effective communication strategies and techniques, which he applies to help others succeed in their careers.

Explore our site to learn more about Ram's expertise, view his portfolio of past events, and book him for your next dinner & dance, product launch, award ceremony, live-streaming event, graduation, teachers' day, family day, or any other occasion where a skilled and engaging emcee is needed. Thank you for considering Ram for your event!

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Top 4 Radio Star Finalist


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